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Why test for high blood pressure?

Untreated high blood pressure can lead to an enlarged heart, hardening of the arteries, strokes, and kidney failure. Left untreated for a long time, it can even result in eye damage and impaired vision. Fortunately, blood pressure levels are easy to detect. All it takes is a couple of minutes.

The EarlyDETECT Blood Pressure Monitor allows the patient to measure their blood pressure in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home. Our one touch, lightweight meter provides accurate readings almost instantly.

The EarlyDETECT Blood Pressure Monitor, and its companion, the EarlyDETECT Cholesterol Test, work together to help patients take charge of their health.

The medical term for High Blood Pressure is "hypertension", which leads some people to believe that those individuals with high blood pressure are tense and anxious. This is not true! Even people who appear to be most calm can have high blood pressure without realizing it.

Other common misconceptions are that people with high blood pressure have reddish complexions, high energy levels, or are prone to anger quickly. This is also false. High blood pressure has absolutely no symptoms whatsoever!

In most cases, causes of high blood pressure are unknown. Some people are naturally prone to developing high blood pressure. Other factors that increase the likelihood of having high blood pressure are...
• Growing older
• Ethnic heritage
• Family history
• Lifestyle factors

You can reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure or help control pressure that is already high by...
• Losing excess weight
• Eating a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat, cholesterol and salt
• Getting regular physical activity such as jogging or swimming
• Reducing the stresses in your life because it triggers activity in the nervous system that & effects blood pressure
• Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink
• Quitting smoking. Nicotine speeds up the heart rate and constricts blood vessels
• Testing your blood pressure regularly. Monitoring any changes and reporting any increases to your doctor

If you do have high blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe medicine to bring your blood pressure down. It is important to monitor your blood pressure and report any considerable change to your doctor.

Patient counseling tips

When a patient purchases an EarlyDETECT In-Home Blood Pressure Monitor, the patient must be aware of the following:

• Read and fully understand all instructions before beginning the test
• To get an accurate reading, you should sit or lie quietly in a relaxed position & without moving their arm for the duration of the test
• Be aware that the cuff will inflate automatically once the button is pushed
• Blood pressure measurements should be interpreted by a physician or a trained health & professional familiar with the patient's medical history
• Not alter their medication dosage or schedule based on the results of this test
• Be advised that blood pressure varies naturally throughout the day due to many factors including: smoking, eating, drinking alcohol or caffeine, medication and level of physical activity
• Although rare, people with a very weak pulse or irregular pulse may not be able to get an accurate measurement from this device.


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